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Wearable relief for your neck and shoulders

Use ReCure to free your neck and shoulders from chronic tension.

Learn to listen to your body

ReCure is an interactive bandage that measures the acceleration of your neck and shoulder musculature and teaches you to release local tension through silent and gentle impulses. The small vibrations are enough to get aware of the muscle tensions, so you can easily correct them. 

Relieve chronic pain in your neck and shoulders

Use ReCure during your daily routines to practice conscious movements and simple exercises based on your body’s needs. Your neck and shoulders will automatically relax and you will feel more comfortable throughout the whole day.

ReCure App

Get insight into your body

By measuring the acceleration of your neck and shoulder musculature, ReCure shows you exactly which areas are affected by tension and how well you respond to the guiding impulses.


Take charge of your health & wellbeing and use the ReCure App to track your daily progress.

Benefit from personalized coaching

The ReCure App also provides you with specially tailored exercises, which you can implement easily in your everyday life. Your personal coach will guide you in the correct execution and supports you in getting the most from your ReCure

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